Week 4: Challenge

Here we are, another month has flown by! Down to our last challenge of February. We hope that you all have enjoyed this month and began to look at everyday items in a whole new way. The Non-Traditional Medium way. This last challenge is to use a found objects from technology or to use a variety of apps in order to help you create an original piece of art. Challenge #4: Use found objects from technology, by using a variety of apps to create an original piece of artwork. Be sure to share those amazing pieces this week using #K12ArtChallenge! Creative Wishes, Matt & Laura Grundler #TeamGrundler

Week #3 Challenge

Two weeks down and the third is just as fun as it is challenging! This week belongs to those of us who can't feel the need to leave our classrooms. Use some objects that are is our rooms and see what you can make! Then share it. Hope you have enjoyed this month's challenge. Creative wishes, Matt & Laura Grundler #TeamGrundler

Week 2 #K12ArtChallenge

So here we are into the think of the Feb. challenge: Non-Traditional Mediums. This weeks challenge is all about what you can find in your kitchen. Sometimes it can be the most creative and inventive place in the house. Take a look around and see what you can find. Make it into something, then share it with us using the #K12ArtChallenge tag. Wishing you a Creative journey, Matt & Laura Grundler

Whatever is Lying Around! The use of Non-Traditional Mediums

Once again Team Grundler was inspired by CBS Sunday Morning through another Arts related presentation. During their art segment, they focused on an artist (Gerard Tonti), who uses very non-traditional mediums when creating his artwork. To help create his entire color palette, Gerard uses coffee and tea grounds. While working on his art, he can be found hypothesizing, experimenting, mixing and testing many different concoctions. In order to not waste many of his mixtures, he will be working on several paintings at one time. Part chef, part scientist, part chemist, ALL artist. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/painting-with-coffee/ Connections are always being made between the artist and the scienti

Week 1 Challenge

The start of this challenge is to.....well, Challenge you! We sometimes get comfortable looking at things the same way all the time. But it might just take a fresh perspective for the creative juices to start flowing again! Join us over the next 4 weeks as we look at the non-traditional mediums, that we might tend to over look and bring a new life to them! Be sure to share your creations using #K12ArtChallenge. Wishing you a creative journey during this process. Thanks, Matt & Laura Grundler