Tech - Making the most of what you have!

Each new year brings change for goals you might have for yourself as a teacher, along with goals you might have for your students. At the very beginning of my teaching career, I felt that technology must be used with every single aspect of my lessons. With all of the current pushing for technology in the classroom, building up student use of these devices, it becomes a very daunting task for even the most experienced teachers. One might ask “is technology essential for a successful lesson?” After much reflection, I started this school year reaching out to many people in my Professional Learning Network (PLN). My PLN contributed suggestions, hints and tips for integrating the use of technolog

Recharge - It's called a break for a Reason

Recently, I read a blog post from Mark E. Weston (@shiftparadigm) entitled Keep Looking Up -The Secret to Lifeand it really got me thinking. Mostly because Matt and I are far from having the secret to life and it feels as though balance is just a fairy tale. As educators, parents, artists, and human beings we are all pulled in so many directions. Fortunately for Matt and I we “sort of” knew what we were getting into as we are both teachers’ kids but you never fully know until you walk in the shoes. Matt’s father was a high school science teacher and coach and his mother a K-3 teacher extraordinaire. My Mom was a high school Economics and Government teacher so we saw the behind the scenes p