Interview with AOE LIVE

If you would like to hear the parts that you missed from the interview with AOE Live, check out the podcast link found in iTunes! AOE PodCast Thanks, Team Grundler

Artist Trading Cards with Nic Hahn Teacher interview: Nic Hahn Laura and Matthew Grundler - October 17, 2015 - #k12artchat, Regular Update The #k12ArtChallenge on Twitter is a popular group of passionate art teachers who connect with each other daily for inspiration. This week our trusty guest bloggers, Team Grundler, connect with the group’s latest host to find out more about some very exciting projects. We are really excited to share an interview with our newest #k12ArtChallenge host, Nic Hahn art educator and author of the blog Mini Matisse. As we’ve shared in previous articles, #k12ArtChallenge is about inspiring creativity, taking time to conte

The Power of a Professional Learning Network

Education Closet What a difference a year makes when you develop a professional learning network via social media. Matt and I discovered twitter in September 2014 and I guess that means we just celebrated our one year twitterversary. What’s our obsession with Twitter? We’ve gone from not knowing what a hashtag was to moderating our own chat and why? Because of the professional learning network we’ve developed, it’s all about relationships that grow us professionally and connections that trigger light bulb moments. To give you a little background about how we got started, a friend of ours and elementary art educator Rebecca Bailey, @ArtwtihBailey attended a summer tech institute offered i