#TweetADream Our Future World

#TweetADream #Our Future World June 1st 2015 As @GrundlerArt and @ArtGuy76 we spend a lot of time on twitter sharing and learning about art and education. There are times when you run across the most brilliant ideas. Late one night last week we saw the hashtag #TweetADream and it had a terrific YouTube video attached https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgSfMuEcXlM I was hooked! This is such a happy and wonderful way to end the school year. We had to find out more, so Laura did a little digging on twitter and found @KStawinska co-founder of @_ourfutureworld. Her profile said -What if every child was inspired to seek greatness? #TweetADream. Immediately we did two things, first we created an

Tweet Challenge

#k12ArtChat Tweet Challenge We've had a lot of questions about the tweet challenge, so here's the 411. Awhile back I started #FabArtsFri and then @smARTisteacher (Arlene Shelton) challenged the house of Grundler to create a Twitter challenge consisting of a # for each day. Between Voxer, Twitter searches for original hashtags and a Google doc Arlene and I came up with the following: Monday- #MustMakeMon Tweet about your must makes, what do you have in the works? What are currently making with students? What are you currently making in your own studio? "It's #MustMakeMon & I can't wait to make art with my students." Tuesday- #TerrificTipTues Share your awesome classroom and teaching tips. "Us