Why promote #YAM #YouthArtMonth?

Why is YAM/Youth Art Month something to think about? We “artists” get it, art is the connector it bridges curricular areas but unfortunately the majority “non-artists” don’t always get it. So we have to teach them the importance of art education in the lives of young people. How do we do this…? Excellent Teaching Modeling/Mentoring Leadership-reaching beyond the art department & helping teachers use art in their lesson plans, “artful thinking.” Being visible on our campuses & in our community Presenting to PTA & Admin Social Media, classroom studio accounts Recognizing young artists via exhibits & contests Being involved in #artsed organizations, PAL, TAEA & NAEA “If art is to nourish th

Dr. Seuss

#Readacrossamerica day! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Reading- Not a favorite pastime of mine, at least not until I was an adult. As a kid reading caused a lot of stress, embarrassment and frustration. To be honest, I hated it but I was lucky my Mom an amazing teacher knew early on I was dyslexic. She did just about everything short of moving mountains to get me the interventions I needed. There was only one author I adored, Dr. Seuss. His silly words, the imaginative characters, creative illustrations; I loved anything by the good doctor. He was an artist and his books made the once painful act of reading infinitely more enjoyable. In eighth grade English class we had to write a letter to