VASE- I've had a lot of questions from my art ed friends on twitter. Mostly what is VASE? The bottom line is that it’s like everything in Texas, HUGE! VASE stands Visual Arts Scholastic Event, it’s an art competition in which students create, write about process and qualify works then take those to a qualified judge (who has an art background) to interview with their work, then it’s scored and tabulated. After it’s tabulated it works with a four or about move into the gym for viewing and then after all works are tabulated the jurors review the collection to pick gold seals, which move onto state level VASE. To give you a little idea of scale, there were approximately 1600 works of art en

ART PD Artful Thinking 2/16/15 @ The Crow Collection

#PISDArtPD February 16, 2015 Planning started in the early fall of 2014, Anne Kinseth, School Programs Manager of The Crow Collection of Asian Art contacted me to ask if our district might like to partner in a professional development. Our emails continued and then we were able to visit by phone, I felt an immediate connection in philosophies about art education and the importance of viewing art closely and regularly. She asked what I might like to focus our professional development on and I immediately stated “Artful Thinking.” I had just seen this technique masterfully done at the Warehouse in Dallas by a gallery educator at an AP Strategies professional development. After the experienc

Keeping my Promise

What's my obsession with Twitter? It's been a roller-coaster since signing up in September 2014, I've gone from not knowing what a hashtag was to moderating my own chat. I re-tweeted an image this weekend that said it all and had to go looking for more. To give you a little background one of our elementary art educators @ArtwtihBaliey attended @PISDETSI a summer tech institute that is offered in Plano ISD and she spearheaded a district #edchat called #PISDedChat. After a few times of participating in the district #edchat I pirated it for the visual art department. It was the perfect format for building our PISD art community. Until #edchats I thought twitter was strictly a social thing bu

Honor the path they are on......... #TLAP

#TLAP chat tonight was amazing. Topic was "What is smart?" As art teachers we all know that there is more than one kind of smart. It takes a lot of "smarts" to design/create and those smarts certainly don't all look the same. It's crazy that so many of our teaching "traditions" are the same as they have been for a hundred years. Was there ever a time when one method worked for all learners? All the questions from the chat really were great, hats off to LaVonna Roth (@LaVonnaRoth) and Shelley Burgess (@burgess_shelley) for hosting a truly engaging chat. Question five was the one that really set me on fire, "Q5: What specifcially must change in education for for us to honor the gift that

Is Blogging this hard for everyone?

Welcome to my first blog post! Not sure if it's me, this crazy wonderful life (emphasis on "full") or the creative energy (also known as ADD) but getting words down in print is so much harder than I could have imagined. My goal is to share our "teamGrundler's" love of art education with other art educators. We respect that so many art teachers are solo on their campus and need a place to connect, that's where #k12ArtChat grew from, a need to connect, share and grow. So this first blog will be short and sweet. I just want to give you a few twitter tips for teachers. Create a professional Twitter account. Get rid of the egg and use a real picture! This makes it easier for others to connect